ASP.NET MVC Primer – Presentation Materials

The presentation materials for the ASP.NET MVC 2 – Primer presentation given at the 3rd Annual Hartford Code Camp (CT .NET User Group) have been posted on the Tallan Technology Blog.

Please look there between today and tomorrow for the post containing the code from the “Advanced” section along with much of the code I had intended to get to but was unable to due to the pseudo-meltdown you all experienced.   :/

Also, I intend on producing a series of screencasts on ASP.NET MVC2, jQuery, and various other web development topics to be posted right here on my blog. 

Stay tuned for more info and check back often.  I will update this blog at least 3 times a week with new content starting next week, check back!

About Mike Gerety

Senior .Net Consultant for Tallan in Rocky Hill CT. Developer in Microsoft technologies for over a decade. Specialize in Enterprise Application development.
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